E3 2019 Conference Reactions: Bethesda

Pre-Conference Thoughts: After seeing last year’s conference, I have low expectations of Bethesda’s conference. I am really excited for DOOM: Eternal since I enjoyed the last DOOM game. Skyrim memes and jokes aside, maybe they show off the new Elder Scrolls game or Starfield. Not expecting much, but hoping for the best.

Game(s) I Want to See: DOOM: Eternal.

Presentation: Whenever I think of E3 conferences, I think of company people rambling on stage and game trailers that don’t show gameplay. Bethesda’s conference hit most of those characteristics. It felt like the presentation was longer than an hour and twenty minutes. There was more talking than showing, which made watching it boring. However, some of the games they showed off were interesting. The crowd’s reaction seemed fake to me, since they seemed overly hyped for everything including Fallout 76 (really???). At least they didn’t have a live musical performance this year…

Announcements: DOOM Eternal looks great. Deathloop looks like a cool action FPS game with Groundhog Day looping mechanic. Wolfenstien Youngblood being co-op is interesting. Update stuff for Rage 2 and Fallout 76 (Battle Royale). They also showed a few mobile mobile games, like Elder Scrolls Legends and Commander Keen (haven’t heard of it, but people think that the IP deserves better). GhostWire: Tokyo looks good, is an action adventure game with paranormal activities.

Final Thoughts: I am excited of some of the new games that they announced here, specifically GhostWire: Tokyo and Deathloop. The gameplay that they showed off of DOOM Eternal made me more excited for the game, especially the stage design and how the game has more platformer mechanics. However, I felt like I didn’t care about what was going on for the majority of the presentation and was bored. Overall, it was okay. Grade: C

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