A Gaming Journey Starts with a Single Button Press

Hello! My name is Jeremy Chang, a college graduate who is passionate about video games. While I was in college, I realized that I really enjoy writing. Professionally, I have experience in writing in a news room environment when I wrote for a sports website during the Summer of 2018. Considering I like video games and writing, I decided to take a crack at creating a gaming blog.

To start the year, you can expect me to make a weekly post every Monday about the games I played the previous week, with some thoughts on gaming news depending on the week. By sharing my gaming experiences with you, I am letting you in my world of gaming. I encourage you to leave comments about what I write about and/or join me in sharing what you have been playing throughout the week.

Since I am a big Nintendo fan, expect me to write mostly about Nintendo games, however I do play a good amount of games on my PlayStation consoles too (sorry Xbox fans).

When I first started to plan what kind of content I wanted to make for this blog, I was thinking I would be posting weekly reviews, opinion essays, and news posts. However, I believe that is a little too ambitious for me to start off and I probably will incorporate these ideas in the coming months. When all is said and done, I envision this blog becoming another friendly video game community where we can share our thoughts and opinions about various games.

Hopefully you guys enjoy my content and I am looking forward to see your comments! (*Also here’s a Pikachu GIF*)

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