E3 2019 Conference Reactions: Square Enix

Pre-Conference Thoughts: Square had a really bad conference last year, since they didn’t show off anything new that wasn’t revealed in other conferences. This year is different. They have the potential to show us things that are exciting and hype. We already know that Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake will be there, and they definitely can show more.

Games I Want To See: Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, New Dragon Quest game, Chrono Trigger Re-release

Presentation: The conference definitely started with a bang with 20 minutes of Final Fantasy VII Remake content, and it didn’t feel that long at all! They showed a good chunk of gameplay and explaining how the game plays, with an extended gameplay trailer at the end. However, the pacing felt slow, especially the Outriders section. They sort of recovered when they showed of Marvel’s Avengers at the end. But they focused on story and narrative for Avengers, which wasn’t the best way to get people very hype. Maybe they should have swapped Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake. The crowd was pretty electric at most points, while silent at some points, which definitely makes it much better than Bethesda’s crowd.

Game Announcements: The game I was the most excited for coming into the press conference was Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Square definitely delivered. My preferred genre of RPG is action since it feels like I’m actually doing something during battles, so I like how the game plays similarly to Final Fantasy XV and how Tactical mode makes battles more cinematic. I haven’t played that far into the original FF7, but this definitely re-sparked my interest in the game.

We found out why we haven’t gotten Final Fantasy VIII on modern consoles yet, which is because they are remastering the game launching this year. When I tried to play the game back in March, I didn’t like the graphics that much, which was one of a few reasons I didn’t enjoy it. I guess playing it on the Switch later this year will be my third attempt at getting into the game.

Marvel’s Avengers looks great, although the characters look a bit off to me (probably since they look different than their cinematic appearance). It is cool that the game is 4-player co-op (online and local), although I still don’t know how the game will play like. They focused too much on story stuff, essentially saying that the game will make you FEEL like the Avengers. I’m slightly interested, but not hyped enough.  

Here are a few games that caught my eye:

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2
  • Dying Light 2 (reminded me of Mirror’s Edge with first person parkour action)
  • Oninaki

Final Thoughts: Although they showed off trailers that were already shown (Kingdom Hearts III DLC) and quick trailers of some games, there were a lot of good games shown off here. Final Fantasy VII Remake was definitely the highlight here with a complete breakdown of the gameplay and some new cutscene footage. Marvel’s Avengers was okay, and the pacing of the presentation as a whole wasn’t bad but not great. Overall, Square Enix had a solid showing. Grade: B

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