52 Weeks of Gaming: Week 14 (4/1-4/7): Welcome to the Show

Final Fantasy VII: When I originally played Final Fantasy VII, I only got up to the Shinra Building. This week I was able to get through the section; getting Red XIII, seeing the aftermath of Sephiroth’s rampage, and escaping with a motorcycle. I did not know there was a motorcycle minigame in the game and although it seemed random, I thought it was a cool section to playthrough. Traveling through the overworld makes me glad that you can turn off random encounters since I had a hard time finding where I should go to advance the story. Watching Cloud’s backstory and why he hates Sephiroth made me more invested in the game’s story. When I have more time after playing some newer games, I will continue playing this game.

Resident Evil 2: I did not intend to buy this game or play it until Halloween time, but the game went on sale and caved in. This week, I just wanted to try out the game before putting it away for Halloween. Visually, I was impressed that it looked very realistic, which made the atmosphere of the game very eerie. There were some tense moments during my playthrough when I ran out of ammo while there were still zombies in the area. This is an aspect of Resident Evil I did not know about before playing, and it fits this kind of game. This is a game that I need to be in the mood to play, and I think playing this game in October is the best time for me to do so.

MLB 19 The Show: I enjoy baseball and I always buy the new MLB The Show games each year. Something that intrigues me with baseball video games is the player creation modes, where you experience a player’s whole career, since it is similar to an RPG. This year’s Road to the Show has more RPG elements to the game, which makes playing through the mode feel more realistic and similar to a real player’s experience. In game skills are now tied to a skill tree that is based on four personality types: Captain, Heart and Soul, Maverick, and Lightning Rod. There are actual dialogue opportunities with coaches, teammates, and rivals where you can level up those personality types. Although I probably won’t write about this game in the future, this is a game I will play for weeks to come.

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