BLOG UPDATE (June 2019): 52 Weeks of Gaming, E3 Coverage, and Top 10 Games of the First Half of 2019

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve been consistent with posting on this blog and I apologize for that. Since PAX East, a lot has happened to me IRL. I caught the flu from the convention, so I didn’t have the energy to make posts for a few weeks. When May came around, I attempted to get back on schedule and started to post on the blog. However, I was involved in an accident and sprained my wrist. Now that my wrist is fully healed, I can start posting again on a regular basis.

Even though I haven’t written full entries for the past month, I did take notes of what I played during that time, so I can easily write and publish those entries in the coming weeks. Once I get all of those entries up, look forward to me posting the 52 Weeks of Gaming entries every Wednesday.

You can look forward to my thoughts on Devil May Cry 5 in an upcoming 52 Weeks of Gaming post

Now that its June, E3 is just around the corner and I plan to make some content about the event. I’m not going to watch every press conference and presentation, so don’t expect me to write about everything shown off during the event. Here’s a list of the presentations I plan talk about:

  • Microsoft
  • Bethesda
  • Ubisoft
  • Square Enix
  • Nintendo

My plan is to write my thoughts about games that were presented that I have interest in (or the lack there of) and how each company did with their presentation. If I do write a post of what I want to see at E3 (like a pre-E3 piece), it would only be for Nintendo since the only video game companies that I follow on a consistent basis are Nintendo and Sony. You can find these posts in the Jeremy’s Gaming Thoughts section of my blog.

Finally, since we are approaching the half way point of the year, I want to make a top 10 games I’ve played in 2019 list at the end of the month. This is something that is usually done at the end of the year (and yes, I will do one then too), but I want to do one now to see how my list changes at the end of the year.

Whew! That felt like I wrote a lot and possibly bored you all to death, but that’s about all I have to say for now. Look forward to more 52 Weeks of Gaming posts in the coming days and E3 content next week. Until next time!

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